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Family Wellness MD is a pediatric medical office providing care for children from newborn to adolescence. We believe that healthy families result in healthy kids. 

Our approach, as per our founding physician, is to provide excellent medical care centered around providing parents with the tools that they need to advocate for their children. We believe that there are often times safe and natural alternatives to many common pediatric ailments. We provide the most up to date recommendations for medical treatments but understand the importance to many families of having more control and options for the care of their children. 

Our goal is to center care around the 4 pillars of health that include Wellness/Nutrition, Activity, Sleep and Development. When all 4 pillars are maintained at a high level children can thrive and live healthy lives.


    I am so excited and privileged to carry on the legacy of Dr. Nadia Taylor and Family Wellness MD. Dr. Taylor provide excellent pediatric care that centered on family health and a holistic and natural approach to improve the health and wellness of children under her care. She has been  integral in the lives of so many families that have driven miles to see her and have trusted her with the care of their children. Developing plans and working closely with parents to help solve sometimes complex issues not answered by typical medical intervention has helped to  develop her well deserved reputation in the community. Her warm and patient nature are loved by everyone. 

    As we transition ownership of Family Wellness and wish Dr. Taylor the best of health and life as she moves closer to be with her family, we at Family Wellness MD aim to continue the legacy she has built. 

    I personally believe in the 4 basic pillars of health for all pediatric patients. The pillars consist of Nutrition, Sleep, Development and Activity. When these pillars are aligned they have a synergist ability to create optimum health and wellness for every child.  

   We will continue to honor parental choice and work with each family to optimize their child’s well being by consistently providing excellent medical care with natural options to compliment and develop a wholistic approach to a healthy, well adjusted child. 

    Our office welcomes and cares for a wide range of families looking for an alternative, small, family environment medical office that will provide excellent care for their children.  

Listen as Dr. Taylor and Dr. Hodge-Spears discuss the future of Family Wellness MD


Dr. Hodge-Spears is California native with over 20 years experience in pediatric medicine. 

She was formally trained at UCLA School of Medicine for medical school and Pediatric residency.

Her experience includes working with community clinics serving the underserved populations as well as experience at CHOA and Kaiser Permanente. 

Kimberly Hodge-Spears MD


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