Life has its many challenges and privileges. It has definitely been a privilege to be a part of so many wonderful families at Family Wellness MD. My personal journey has spanned many decades and it has lead me to be the new owner of a wonderful  small pediatric office in Berkeley Lake, Georgia. After joining the practice founded by Dr. Nadia Taylor last year, I have been overwhelmed by the kind and warm reception I received. I was happy to help Dr. Taylor transition back to her hometown in Florida and continue her legacy of providing excellent care to her patients.  

My current goal is to make sure that we at Family Wellness MD continue to provide comprehensive, specialized and patient focused care for all of our children. We will continue to provide natural alternatives to traditional medicine and work with families to decide the best plan of care for their child.We have changed some of our processes to provide a streamlined flow from check-in, triage, referrals and check-out. 

May 9, 2021


As I reflect on Mother’s Day this year, my thoughts are drawn to the sacrifices we make as mothers. No matter where on the earth you may have been for the past 15 months or so, we have all experienced something we have never experienced in our lifetime. 

We may have had the privilege of spending more quality time with our household family members. 

We may have suffered a job loss, watched as our partners lost their jobs or had unexpected changes in our living circumstances.

And unfortunately for some of use, we may have lost a loved one.

Despite how the last year may gone, I am reminded everyday of the love of mothers; the dedication of a mother to her child.

Even in sometimes difficult circumstances, most mothers do their very best to make sure their children are loved and well cared for. 

I am so proud of the mothers I interact with every day. They are concerned parents wanting the very best health for their child. They are the best advocates for their child and they seek the knowledge to provide life long wellness and longevity for their sons and daughters.

So, on this Mother’s Day, I salute all of our mothers at Family Wellness MD.

I salute their strength, tenacity, willingness to do their best and most of all, the love they have for their children.


Happy Mother’s Day

Dr. Hodge-Spears and Family Wellness Staff